Everything is proportion. Each thing, each word, even thought. When you see it, you will begin to understand how waveforms manifest and what their connections are.”

❅ ❅ ❅

Proportions are directly related to waveforms, and waveforms are harmonies. Any internal or external manifestation obeys their regularities. You can look at them from any side you want. You will come to one. Then you will discover understanding. These laws are general and irrefutable. Everything comes together at this point. Art, music, science, philosophy, experience. Everything you know and even what you have never seen.

First of all, you understand everything in 1 dimension. This is the simplest ratio. Similar to the 3/4 ratio of the side lengths of photos. Or similar to Golden ratio or any other proportions. After that, you start getting to know its derivative in space and you can create 2-dimensional proportions. For example, creating a wonderful flower from nothing. Even if you haven’t seen one.

After that, understanding turns into intuition. You start to see the proportions. You can see it both in yourself and in the surroundings. Being aware of 3-dimensional space physically changes your vision. It feels like watching a holographic image. Then you see that you have touched a whole new world. And this is actually just the beginning. The biggest beginning in your life, if you don’t count your birthday of course : )

How it looks like? Please go to LIGHT section and see the forms created in way of proportions.

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