“Honestly? All showa can take JUST 12 HOURS. It is JUST 1 DAY. You think – it is imposible, but it is truth. All philosophy, vision, all you need can be shown during the day. The path will be clear to you. Next you will have to go yourself. It can take months, maybe years. It all depends on your desire to reach invisible mountain tops. No one else will teach you to feel, to hear, to see, it is posible only thanks to your seelf.  Do you want to touch what is not visible to eyes?”

❅ ❅ ❅

From what age can you start? – Age* doesn’t matter if you really want it.

Is prior knowledge required? – This is a completely different method of playing the piano and the shows can be attended by both: the Maestro or the child without any prior knowledge.

How much does it cost? – The price per one day is 2’200 coins.

“But if I have nothing to pay for, even though I really want it?” – We will see the truth in Your eyes. If you want it with all your heart, we will give you this path for free.

* For children under 18 who do not live alone – the theoretical part of the show should be attended together with a parent or guardian.


There is 2 types of music learning. One of them is classical, well-known method, based on notes. In this option, composer create proportions like dancing over tops of mountains. And other one is, we called “Aliflenoticus method, based on musical harmonies. They are both wonderful, but in this section we will talk more about the second one.

Harmonies – It is the main of everything. You propabley know accords like Manor, Minor, Seventh chord e.t.c, but the music does not ends with them. There are hundreds, thousands and millions of harmonies, maybe even infinite variations of them, but I tell you how it works.

There is main accords, like Manor and Minor. Actually there is just two of them. Nothing more. Then where is hiding these thousands of them?

To understand these basics we can look on it through philosophical prism: “For first, there was nothing you know, no time we know, no space we absorve, and then, somethings happening, something like mistake, you can call it Big Bang, or Creation, or as you wish.”

Comparable, there was just 1 harmonie, like C Manor, playing all the time: C, E, G, C, E, G, C, E, G… Of course, it is boring. And after that, “mistake” happening. And then, only one note changed, like: C, E, F, C, E, G, C… Such a chord is no more harmonic. It cannot stay like that because the sound is not pleasant. What to do? The situation needs to be corrected – it has to be balanced. After that, you should find another note which can balance the mistake. Unfortunately, 1 note can not do that. This is how you begin to balance the primordial “mistake”. And that’s what you do every time you touch a piano key. You balance the previous harmonie. Even if you’re back to C major, that doesn’t mean the first “Mistake” is balanced. You continue like this until you reach complete harmonie by returning to the balance, to the basic chord. In this case, at C major and then, the Masterpiece is over. Composition is born. New dream world is created.

Each composer have they own life experience, they own “essence”. Exactly this is unique handwriting. In order to play like this, you have to listen to what is playing, you have to feel how to harmonize, how to twist the sounds into the most beautiful crown.

Basecly, how we play? We press the sustain pedal on the piano and we hold it down usually throughout the play. Then we listen to the sound and even play with it, at the same time striving for harmonies and beautiful melodies. We try to subtly feel the play of sounds and at the same time live in it. We watch the music itself. That’s how we play it.

How it sounds like? Please go to MUSIC section and listen the music composed in Aliflenotic way.

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