Existence, called “Life” like an ever-changing fractal

In order to understand the essence of psychology and biology, we should first find out what is at its core. We could define it as “Life”, “Observer”, “Consciousness”. There is no answer to these questions – they are primary, they are existential. But there is one small paradox hidden in these questions. In order for us to be able to adequately define a concept, like “Life” or similar ones, we must be able to look on it from the outside. Wait a second! A new concept has arrived: “Outside”. We also try to define the unknown only through concepts… which are also indefinable by themselves, and so on and so on… But, at the same time, the concepts quite precisely help to understand what is happening.

A vicious circle and some kind of endless rebus. Is everything really just different mixed concepts and interactions between them? To understand it properly, let’s look at it simply.

There are simple things and activities that you encounter in your daily life. These things are understandable and easy to explain. At the same time, paying attention to a simple thing, we come across a much deeper and more detailed explanation. For example, “Bread” is no longer bread. It becomes “wheat bread” – “organic wheat bread” – “organic wheat bread with natural sweetener” – “organic spelled whole wheat bread with natural sweetener”. But that’s just information. Information together with context creates a specific mood. And the context isn’t just the previous sentence. The context is formed in the whole information – everything known, unknown, accepted, experienced, ever heard and even fantasized – and it is huge. All this together in a moment of time creates a feeling that we can define as “understanding perspective”.

Psychology, the psychic expression of life, as a derivative of infinitely changing concepts through the invisible prism of individual proportions, determines the balance of the inner and outer world. By understanding the individual’s psyche as an interpretation of existence, we can observe perceptions, expressions and emotional moments as the existence of this “golden mean”.

By understanding the proportion of biological life as a set of balanced harmonies in the arena of events, one can most accurately understand both the holoacoustic effect of brain activity and balance its activity. From a physics point of view, it works at the “quantum level”, or in other words, it obeys the regularities of multidimensional waveforms. By understanding the regularities of waveforms, even artificial intelligence can be understood as a living, self-explanatory phenomenon.