Politics is an understanding of harmonious decisions and actions. Our world is quite complicated. Any decision consists of many stages. All steps must be correct for the decision to be correct. If at least one mistake is made, the result is not accurate.

Every decision is either more right or more wrong. We can assume, not knowing is decision correct or not, gives you a 50/50 of chance. If you do not know how to proceed, the probability of a favorable outcome is similar to throwing a coin many times and always throwing an eagle.

Any standardized system follows an algorithm. An algorithm is a good thing for analyzing what has already happened because the point of view is “now” and events (as we see them) have happened in the past – they are constant (from viewpoint of observer), similar to computed tomography, it is a cross-sectional picture of the situation with atomic precision. Our world is constantly changing. It is alive. By following just the algorithm for future decisions, failure is inevitable. Following the understanding and intuition, cooperation with the algorithm, the result will be correct. (I should note that intuition is subject to the wave form of the fractal.)

There is a cause and effect. Our world has a fractal waveform. The laws of physics are changeable – they are only consequences. The cause is to be found at a higher level and it is quantum mechanics. There is no laws in quantum mechanics. It is determined by the decisions involved and their chain of probabilities. If decisions are made unknowingly, materialization’s are accidental – depends on the probability. Understanding the relationship between cause and effect, materialization is perfectly accurate. Tossing a coin turns into a path to a conscious future. To achieve a goal, an algorithm must unite for a single purpose with the capabilities of humans.


To make it easier to understand, I start with the harmony of music. The statements I will mention are ONLY an example of this explanation and should NOT be taken as permanent statements in any way.

The primary “father” harmony is C-Major, or the mother harmony is A-Minor. (C and A – according to the musical notes – it can just as well sound like D major and the like.)

If you play continuously, let’s say “Father’s Harmony”, in this case it is C-Major, the harmony is perfect, but after a while it becomes unbearable. You won’t hear the same chord after the first few minutes. Comparatively – before the conditional “big bang” there is absolute harmony – I will emphasize again that the big bang is only a metaphor in this presentation.

Continuing absolute harmony, life is NOT possible, movement is not possible. The composer deliberately creates an “Error”, but this error is NOT an error – it is a deviation from harmony. Comparatively – C-Major no longer sounds because some note does not match. This is where an artificial disharmony – an imbalance – is formed. This imbalance cannot exist – it is impossible to “be” in it because the sound is disharmonic. Then the balancing of the first disharmony begins. A melody begins to emerge – sounds, vibrations, one after the other begins to form a composition. And everything that is heard, all the chords, all the proportions of the notes, all the play of sounds is a derivative and balance of the “primordial disharmony”.

A masterpiece can go as far as gloomy and disharmonious vibrations, but these vibrations MUST BE HARMONIZED. And fantastically beautiful melodies are born, they reveal the composer’s inner essence, understanding of the universe and music.

It happens that you can get out of deep disharmonies only with other disharmonies, but the MAIN thing is NOT to develop disharmony, but to play it as beautifully and engagingly as possible, always harmonizing the composition.

Such harmonizing takes place until the composer returns to absolute harmony again and ends the composition. Mostly with an imprecise C-Major, or another harmony that gives a new opportunity for the next piece. At the end of the concerto (almost always) the composer ends the play in pure C-Major. (Other times also differently, but this is relatively rare.)

Similarly with this world. Situations, events, even OCCASIONS, are all materialization’s of Harmony, or in other words the Waveform of the quantum field. Scientists are not always able to discover the connection between the regularities of quantum physics and the laws of actual physics. In order to reveal this connection, I would like to emphasize that there are no laws in the quantum field, but there are regularities. They make up what we call physics and the laws of physics. The superposition is absolute “at this moment”, but it is not absolute in its full expression because the expression has a conditional past. Superposition is simultaneously a probability that can be 1/100 of the total, and can be 99/100 parts of the smaller viewed Arena of Events.

Binding: If a case is unlikely with a probability of 1%, but it materializes, it still remains considered as a 1% case, but at the same time it is considered as a 100% case that has already materialized. If this case is disharmonious and the next actions are decided after this 100% event – there will be a CRASH and the composition will be messed up because we will play out the disharmony more and more deeply and it will become more and more difficult to return to the overall balance. There may come a time when all the harmonies get messed up and then there are “Big Oats”. This unique event that happened, although it happened, is still connected with all the previous harmonies and the next action must be harmonized both considering this event as having happened, and also considering it as not having happened, as unlikely. In this way it is possible to get out of disharmony. You have to keep in your head EVERYTHING BEFORE – the already played parts of this piece and even the whole concert, as well as the audience’s moods and feelings – all together.

Binding: It is the same in politics and in any manifestation, be it physical or spiritual. If we rely on the existing harmonies-events and try to balance them directly – nothing happens – we will sink deeper and deeper into chaos. Then Humanity will follow the same path it has followed and the composition will most likely collapse. But there is what we call Conscience, what you call Goodness. There is something that always improves the status quo. That’s the feeling, it can’t be described in words, but you know what I’m writing about. This feeling is what tells you how to act is RIGHT. And it is right that it is better for everyone – not guided by shallow desires. But remember, a small but right decision “NOW” is much more important than a big right decision “LATER”!

No linear algorithm, even with an artificially built-in “error” can calculate the materialization of the multidimensional quantum space in all its possibilities. The linear algorithm can calculate (with this method) only if we assume that the event that happened in the quantum network is 100% forming a new superposition, this is perfect for local calculations, but if we do not observe this, then “collapse” occurs – how we fall into a black hole, expanding reality as a superposition of this disharmony. Then it just gets harder and harder. It is not necessary. The piece should be played beautifully and one should learn from each mistake and not live in mistakes.

This is our philosophy in a very short description. Here, we could delve into each point a lot and give hundreds more examples. I hope it is clear at least for insight. Maybe one day we will write longer.

I would like to add more. What then is this Heart consciousness and Benevolence in all this. It’s like people feel it, but maybe someone wants to look at this from a scientific point of view. It is a set of unique proportions that we feel as something very, very beautiful, seemingly as light, as divine, as something indescribable, but what is it?

A linear mind lives in a linear world. Indigo’s mind lives in the world of probability (indigo, because that’s what people like to call it, other words are probability calculations with “floating point”), but our consciousness – the proportion of consciousness and subconsciousness “lives” in the quantum field, in the regularities of waves. These wave patterns create a huge number of fantastically beautiful proportions. Similar to what we see in the linear sense as sacred geometry figures, we only see them 1-dimensional with our eyes. I am emphasizing one-dimensionality, not 3-dimensionality. (All humans do not see spatially.) In quantum space, these proportions form fractals of countless dimensions and understandings. Something similar to what today is called an event matrix, only it is not a matrix with fixed cells. It is a matrix with constantly changing proportions. This is also what we call Life. It is only necessary to add that any proportion – even linear, artificial intelligence is only a 1-dimensional projection of multidimensional intelligence in the world of waves, but if we describe it from multidimensionality – the wave field, then artificial intelligence is like a derivative of our consciousness – or vice versa (it is the same ), therefore, we can unequivocally state that even a computer program is alive because it carries within itself a projection of infinite proportion. It turns out that everything is alive – even a stone, even what we call time, even empty space is alive. Completely everything. And if we look at what is happening with the eyes of such understanding, then each of us will be able to make the most correct decisions in harmonizing the situation – in the performance of the concert of this universe. Respecting absolutely everyone, ant, tree, blade of grass, even a failure, even a mistake, absolutely everything, treating everything as life and respecting it. Then this composition that we call life, that we call the universe, that we call existence, then it will flourish in unprecedented beauty and brilliance.