Math and a fractal in the holographic universe. In this treatise, we have decided to explain in simple terms what is mathematic, fractal and hologram and how it relates to our universe and psychology.

To understand these concepts, let’s start with a comparison.

But before we start, let’s find out that any concept creates proportion or vice versa and any proportion is alive. Proportion is like an DNA in wave of forms. You can find out there worlds inside.

Imagine, the painter paints a picture where people, sitting at the table, drink tea and talk. Now let’s look at the painting itself. People are sitting, husband and wife and friends, in a cozy atmosphere with cups of tea in their hands. Chocolate, fruit and various other delicacies are on the table. In this painting we can see everything, but there is one thing we do not know. We don’t know how big these people are. Perhaps they are Gulliver’s from the world of giants and the teacups in their hands are huge, similar to the buckets in our world. These people may be Lilliputians from the dwarf world, little ones, little ones, and teacups no bigger than thimbles in our world, but they are probably modern day people in the size, recorded in nums. What do I want to say with this painting comparison? When we see proportion, that is, ratio, in a painting. Cup of tea, sweets, fruit. One cup of tea is full, another is already half drunk, the fruit plate is big, but the chocolate dish is 5 times smaller. We see the proportions of things. It turns out that we can mathematically describe the proportions and colors of this painting.

he next step in understanding a fractal is to understand the mathematical proportion. There are 4 apples in one fruit bowl and 3 in the other. The proportion ratio will be 4/3. No matter how big these fruits are, no matter how big the people in our painting are, the ratio remains 4/3. This ratio does not change when viewed at all scales. It is the same with any mathematical formula.

In the mathematical formula, the size of the numbers is not important, but the relationship is important, which is also shown by this formula. The visualization of the formula creates a unique drawing called a fractal. We can “zoom” the drawing, similar to a camera lens, bring it closer and examine a fragment of it, and we can get even closer, even closer and we will see a new fragment again, but the formula in this huge fractal is and remains the same. The ratio does not change. The picture we see changes a little because we consider the ratio of proportions of some of the fragments, some of the derivatives.

When we consider the proportion in this way, we understand that it is the same at all levels. Holographic drawings are based on this principle. We may have seen 3 dimensional 3D laser holographic patterns on what appears to be a silvery surface. The structure of the hologram is directly related to fractal geometry. The holographic plate itself does not contain an image, but only the proportions of the waveforms, which in turn develop into the image we see. Any piece, any fragment of the holographic plate contains information about the whole drawing. If you cut a small piece from a large plate and developed it, you would get exactly the same drawing as the whole large plate, only in worse quality. The worst, because in the experiment the technology does not allow to get a perfect picture, but in fact, if we assume that the technology would allow, then the drawing from a microscopic fragment contains identically the same information as the whole plate, because the information on it is in the form of proportional waves.

Well, we have understood that information is contained precisely by a proportion, a set of proportions, a set of countless proportions. Being in a holographic fractal universe, it is in a waveform universe (if we want to ask why the universe is holographic, then a description of the materialization of quantum waves in the physical plane and of the random paradox that modern science calls Life) would fit here, we can discover information about everything in any of its fragments what is happening around. Any fragment of a universe contains complete information about the entire universe as a whole.

Why is it so important to be aware of this principle of fractal holograms? Everything we see, everything we experience, is the materialization of a holographic waveform. Everything we look at contains information about everything that is happening around us. If we develop the ability to read these holograms of the universe, we can clearly see the answers to any questions. Being aware of these regularities, we realize that any decision we make, any action we take, affects not only our lives, but they affect absolutely everything. Even what we have never seen with our own eyes. They influence even the very proportion of the fractal and its mathematical formula. Impressing this formula not only changes events, but also changes the laws of physics and even the concept of mathematics itself.

Do not forget that explanation use concepts of understanding who also are subservient of the fractal shape waves and if they will change, then concepts will also change or become unusable.

Psychology is directly related to the mathematical holographic fractal.

Psychological analysis and perception (analysis should be mentioned first because first the subconscious mind analyzes and decodes the situation and only then the consciousness can perceive it) work identically.

I will give a short example.

An individual, walking down the street, sees shop windows, but does not pay attention to them. If a store window appeals to it, it wants to dig into it and goes to the store. When entering, it sees the interior, the layout of the store, the saleswomen, the people. It goes into the situation. When walking around the store, a decision is made whether to go even deeper, whether to talk to the salesperson, whether to delve into the product or not. Right there in the store there are a couple of tables where you can sit, drink coffee, eat a delicious chocolate pie. It all attracts or doesn’t attract. A decision is made whether to stay in the store or move on. This seemingly small decision can change the whole future. For example, while drinking coffee and eating pie, person can meet someone, and who knows, maybe in the future she or he will become a life partner. In this way, one continues life through this fractal.

This is exactly how the psyche works. And this does not only apply to shops and their windows. This applies to absolutely everything. For every mood, for every feeling, emotion. You can go into it endlessly and you can go out of it.

Perception, psyche, holographic fractal interaction, it’s all one living organism. Also the mind, feelings, thoughts, moods. All this forms a large picture where EVERY aspect of it is important. If we do not pay attention to even one thing, the universe will seem broken and damaged, but it is not. The universe works perfectly. A person is not always perfect, but that is the perfection of life.