History and Past are two different things…


“Behind Memories …

A long, long time ago,  “time” has diferent look. It was like flower whoo can choice where to grow. There was no past and future, there was no good and bad. Time was capable to flow in any directions.

Decision are responsible for he experience you are going through, but mistakes are needed to learn and to see what is right and what not. The correctness of the decision, you can see aware after the consequences – only when the whole cycle of choices are over. When you understand your mistake, then existence “rools back” and you found your self in time before where you can make a right choice.

If you make mistake, and if you can not rool it back, you will stay in the worst of the present. It was not a problem in ancient times. The cycles ar quite short and if mistake was made, you understund it and time rolls back. This is how the world has existed for a very long time.

One of the mistake was too big. When mistake was done, there was no going back. Time seemed to be broken, but it was not. The fractal of time opens a bigest cycle ever.

A solution was needed. Concept of the modern day mind was created after. It was intended to modeling the future before decision was made. This reduced the amount of wrong choices, but it could not stop it. After the consequences of each wrong choice – was easier to make next mistake. After steps, the materialization of the universe became more and more heavier. The laws of physics changed, the whole world changed. 

No solution was found. Day after the day, century after century, dark arize. And now is this “now” you know. It would be wrong to promise a solution, but there is a way. And the way is to understood, admit mistakes. I can admit my mistakes, you can admin yours and it will change us and the world around us. We will become more aware and one day, we will find ourself in the most beautiful world we can imagine.”

May Peace and Harmony be with you!