DNA is not a switch with ON and OFF function


Important To Know

DNA is not a switch with ON or OFF function. The DNA molecule works in the form of proportions. Proportion creates overall harmony. Each marker is related to all others. Changing one changes everything. The whole harmony is changed. It must be balanced to maintain Overall Harmony. Changing the related proportions creates a new harmony – a new life form. To do this, one must be aware of its entire proportion.

For example, if the ratio of the size of the GMO fruit is changed. It grows bigger, but it is deformed. Comparatively, as if a person grew 6 meters tall. You could say simply Gulliver, but it is not. The bone structure should be different to support the body, tendons, muscles, digestive system, respiratory system, heart, blood circulation, nervous system… Everything should be different for this person to be healthy. And with fruits it is not simpler at all. It cannot be calculated and modeled mathematically. It happens in the form of waves, in the form of harmonic proportions.

In order to create something like strawberry, the consciousness must be so high that you can in LIVE compose music for a symphony orchestra or whole choir in your head, where each one sing its own melody and all together sounds so beautiful, you never heard before.

Do not experiment with your existence!
First feel, then understand, and only then act!