You were given an opportunity for a long time – have you used it? Have your decisions been right?

You are guided by feelings with concepts or just a concepts?

Do you understand how concepts actually are?

Has “your understanding” been read and taught or have you make out it by yourself?

Do you really see where your decisions and actions will take you?

Do you understand that even the smallest decision has consequences?

Is believing in the good just a fashion?

Do you turn away when you don’t want to see?

Are you just observing if you can help?

Do you assume you know if you don’t feel like you know.

Have your values been imposed by others or have you felt and understood them by yourself?

Do you understand that the old, true concepts are not quite applicable in new environment?

Can you say with all your heart and clear mind that you are right?

What have you created good and new in this world?

Do you remember your early childhood?

Do you know who you really are?

“Evil is like a dying Soul. When the pain is too much, you bleed, and immeasurable pain manifests as evil. If you try to “cure” evil with punishment and pain, you will hurt the soul even more and only increase the evil.”

“Cancer is when the body’s cells don’t remember what they really are. They start to mutate. Adhesions form, diseased cells give energy to others only when they form adhesions with them and also become diseased. The cells think everything is fine, they just should must obey, but the body is dying. Doesn’t that remind you of something?”

“The last stage. Everyone asks the question – how to act, but no one acts. Everyone understands that something is wrong, but they stick with it. If you are aware of all this and act accordingly, “a miracle” will happen and the world will heal. There is not much time left behind or before. Choose your path..”