Time Exist! Like Multidimensional flower it enchants with its smell…

I & V & X & L & C & D & M

You can see through the dimensions…

Time, The dimensions of touch intertwine like rose petals to form a uniquely beautiful flower, it roots gentleness in the wild bush, it inspires to green the forest, it fills dew drops covered with soft blanket of morning mist.

Time, life by itself, and even more. have a look!

… If we look at existence through dimension, it seems that time does not exist. We can perceive it as one whole space-time. Then we perceive time as a moment of existence, as a mood of blink. Correct. I moment, II moments, III moments, “IIII” moments or even much more, they beautify the moods of life. But when you aknow them, you see it as a phase of life, You can see next dimension of time. IV moments V moments, VI, VII, VIII moments, as a cycle of life understanding. X creates one, great feeling inside. Or more, or more…

You can go further. Hundreds, thousands, millions of years, in the blink of an eye. Look at how they fold, how they form, how they overlap each other. 5 dimensions creates century, 7 of them, Millennium. Even a million, even a (((I))) billion. Like innumerable leaves, they surround the universe within themselves. Time. And silence. Surrounded by the sounds of harmonies. You are alive..