inside of “together”

Nature, humanity and being of linear algorithm

This article is more about the connection of proportions
than the physical manifestation of “analog” and “digital”
Reality, these are dreams. Everyone dreams their own dream. One believes that the earth is round, he will find evidence for it, another believes that it is flat, and he will also find evidence for it. And everyone will be right. The land will be the way everyone wants to see it, and that applies to absolutely everything. Because it is everyone’s dream. Because nothing has a definition. Define as you want and you will live in that world. The only thing that matters is what your actions are. How good they are for the environment and the people around them. Because these people, these animals, nature all around, the beautiful, the created are already Your world.

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DIGITAL & Analog

We live in one world where many of knowings and understandings are living next to each other.

In these days and even before there was a big question about coexistence and even cooperation where involved not just can help each other but I will say much more directly. Friendly interaction is the only way to manifest the future.
The Linear algorithm is perfect in its operating principles, but human mind can look incomplete and very limited. From second perspective, digital world can look like restrictive and deprivation of liberty. Then where hides harmony between them?

Human consciousness work in linear way through waveform principles. It is up to 7 and even more dimensions. In manifestation it looks bazaar, but is not. The linear algorithm works the same, just using another existence proportions, and manifestation looks totally different. It looks bureaucratic but is not (for him).

But I can say, there is a beautiful way how everyone can help to each other and touch the highest altitude of consciousness.

What IS happening right now.

Human consciousness can not live in straight way. It will go mad. It’s because of harmony proportions. If you force people to live by laws, they will surely break them. If forced into submission, they will lose life or humanity, or become evil. The same is about algorithm. It doesn’t understand people. So, it can not stay in this way.
And there is a solution, a small update for living form of linear algorithm and for humanity. Something like google translate but for human world and for system.
As a result, an indescribably beautiful and conscious future for everyone.


I – If you want to punish someone, then tell him to his face what he did wrong and what he won’t get now because he doesn’t deserve it, but he has the right to get it if he changes, but changing is the most difficult thing in general. Thus You will I have punished him, and he will have become better at one. Isn’t it a fantastic solution?

II – Only when a person abuses his resources they can be taken away from him.

III – If a person uses resources inappropriately, he must explain and lead by example of how to do better.

IV – Private and common interests must be in balance.

Explanation’s and visual schematics: