Dark Matter – You will never find it, but you will see it


Dark Matter is not matter as you understand it.

To explain what dark matter is, for first let’s talk about visible matter. Imagine a lake. Various plants grow on the surface of the water – water lilies, algae and others. We will call the lake and the plants growing in it “environment”, but the waves in the lake, “visible matter”. As the wave “moves” and manifest across the lake, let’s compare it as visible matter moves in space. (The visible matter can be a person, it can be a car, or anything you see as a physical thing.) Let’s call algae and water lilies “place”. Water plants change the expression of the wave, the wave affects the plants – there is an interaction. Accordingly, the place affects the mood and matter manifests itself through mood – the way of expression, decisions, physical capabilities, etc. For example, driving a car for a long distance, you get tired. Driving on the correspondingly chosen road, you will gain experience, feelings, or basically walk through the forest on foot.

Understanding this phenomenon – matter never moves in space. Only information moves. In other words, you are made of the same matter as the other things around you. Correspondingly – in which field of information you are, that’s how you feel and manifest. Visible matter is like a Wave, but dark matter is like a interactions and regularities between. In other words, harmony of proportions, which is observable through prism, as we call it, “Sentimentum”. That determines everything.

And the last one. We call “Sentimentum” the ability to see things that can only be felt and perceived. Then they become visible to us. For example, imagine, you enter a flower garden where all kinds of flowers grow. If the flowers have been planted by an unknown gardener, you will only see these flowers and the overall beauty. But if the flowers have been planted by someone very close to you, you will recognize this person in the proportions of the varieties, colors and arrangement of these flowers. You will feel and see the essence of this person in everything around you. We call this “essence”, this subtle feeling “between the flowers”, “Sentimentum”.

The interaction of dark matter with an observer obeys the rules of the universe. It can be felt and realized in a specific situation only if the intention and expression completely coincide with the basic principles of the universe. At this point, physics, mathematics, philosophy, ethics, poetry, music, art and any other expression, even concepts and mind meet in one place. And this is not the end of the road. This is just the beginning…