The most stable and most unusual – the structure of the chaos!


Chaos is not disorder.

In comparison, imagine a tennis match without seeing the ball and the net. Both players run around chaotically, but nothing happens. Similarly, in the proportion of chaos, the central point remains invisible, it is like “nothing”, like black matter – balanced silence. And it is this silence that forms the main melody of chaos.

For example, watch a beaver dam. Watch the bird’s nest. At first, it seems that the branches are piled in a chaotic pile, somewhere on top of each other, but give it a try, disassemble it by hand! It would be very much to try! It is very rigid. The branches are arranged in perfectly perfect proportion using all the laws of physics. Both water pressure, stream, wood density, everything! The layout of each tree is thoughtful and placed exactly in its best place and at an angle. This is a masterpiece! Chaos is a proportion that is difficult to see. An ancient saying says that everything comes from chaos. That’s how we can say it! Just it’s not a “jelly”. It is a proportional derivative of wave -shaped. With the perfect materialization in the environment. Pure fractal harmony set.

Butterfly fly – it flies seemingly awkward. But each wing swing is calculated separately! Everyone is unique, completely tuning the environment. In flight, the butterfly feels completely weightless. It is the perfect consciousness, perfect and wonderful beautiful Art.




ORANGE DOTS are chaotic visible things or happenings
GREY DOTS are invisible “nothing” in BALANCE between a & c
GREY LINES are harmony between things or events