Politics is an understanding of harmonious decisions and actions. Our world is quite complicated. Any decision consists of many stages. All steps must be correct for the decision to be correct. If at least one mistake is made, the result is not accurate.

Every decision is either more right or more wrong. We can assume, not knowing is decision correct or not, gives you a 50/50 of chance. If you do not know how to proceed, the probability of a favorable outcome is similar to throwing a coin many times and always throwing an eagle.

Any standardised system follows an algorithm. An algorithm is a good thing for analysing what has already happened because the point of view is “now” and events have happened in the past – they are constant. Our world is constantly changing. It is alive. By following the algorithm for future decisions, failure is inevitable. Following the understanding and intuition, the result will be correct.

There is a cause and effect. Our world has a fractal waveform. The laws of physics are changeable – they are only consequences. The cause is to be found at a higher level and it is quantum mechanics. There is no laws in quantum mechanics. It is determined by the decisions involved and their chain of probabilities. If decisions are made unknowingly, materialisations are accidental – depends on the probability. Understanding the relationship between cause and effect, materialization is perfectly accurate. Tossing a coin turns into a path to a conscious future.

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