In one hand, Philosophy – path of cognition about Life and Love where the knowings about Ethics and proportions of existence explore life by itself. In other hand, Alchemy – knowings about element proportions where the Love materialise through Life. Alchemy does not convert elements, it forms elements and whole universe from proportions in accordance with the principles of philosophy. About these proportions is easier to explain through things you know.

There is 1 dimensional line where proportions, like Golden Ratio, make’s role – it is like one feeling in moment of time. There is 2 dimensional plate where proportions like Time and feelings makes role – it is like understanding through duality. There is 3 dimensional space where proportions like Sacred Stereometry makes role – in comparison it is like frame or sections of frame for moments, relatively similar to senses of moods. And there is practically unlimited count of dimensions where hundreds and thousands of them are according to these sections, forming elements and whole universe. Each dimension is essential and only everything together forms a whole. Knowings about these proportions you can call “Alchemy” and “Philosophy”.

All these proportions are related to each other, forming a common illusion called “Painting of Life”.


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