“In earlier autumn its began, our stories about. The Castles, Churces and Manors start to sing, in notes from music, in line. Past half year, they twenty one, they being, who giwes as stories, so you can listen them for free, its made fror all. Take more than day to listen whool. They take as far away in colourful dreams awaken state. Each place says her story and they can play well later. They play their own so others, from star gate in constellation of music.

Why doing we this? For music, for people, for all who’s inspire our music. Becouse people in past saw clearly, they glance and knowings make attitude we accept. These feelings inspire to create afar. You can listen least now.

If you ask, how create, how made we music? It’s in diferent way, from waves in proportion, from stories and from fates. Nor notes there make role. Proportions, harmonies, strings through keys till fingers – its resonate inside in all arround. These harmonies says music. Alive.

Its posible thanks firiends, thanks thease whoo hear, and love they can. Step by other, each cares to do. And know we, you’ve like it just you hear.”

Our music is Free for listen in any time and any place
Our music is Free for embed and for share in any public and private resources
Our music is Free for play in any public and private place

ALPHA-DO L&A Confirmed

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