Soul & Mind Sound Meditation – ALIFLENOTICUS SONOS


The retreat center is located in Latvia district

100% FREE

For those who cannot afford to pay for meditation

FOUNDATION SUPPORT (Only for individuals) – 100% free meditative procedure. Intended only for those who do not have option to pay for the meditation procedure. The procedure will be paid by ALPHA-DO Fund. To apply for the fund’s support, please fill out the application form. (The commission will review your application and, according to the fund’s possibilities, give you approval or rejection when registering a place in the queue.)

In case of a positive answer, we will contact you. At this time, we cannot promise that we will be able to provide free meditations to everyone who needs them.

Our music is Free for listen in any time and any place
Our music is Free for embed and for share in any public and private resources
Our music is Free for play in any public and private place

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