More Than Art is Between Something and Nothing?


rolen duma

THINKING WOMAN : rolen duma

““Thinking Woman” : rolen duma, is particularly unusual art defined by modern beauty.

The masterpiece of modern art “Thinking Woman” : rolen duma, does not seek commentary. It expresses the dissidence between ancient classics and modern art.

As you can see, this masterpiece, “Thinking Woman”, in essence, is an expression of modern art in nowadays. It clearly shows the body of a sitting, thinking woman. The crossed legs of the woman depicted in the artwork suggest an echo of the inner tension in her body. The soft body lines clearly demand attention and appreciation. The most active, of course, is the part of her hips. This shape, addressing mothers and maidens, inspires like a fruit from the cradle of our ancient civilization to the present day.

As the contours become more and more intense and sharp, the basic essence of modern humanity is revealed, drawing the viewer’s attention to the intellectual horizon. Experience is intertwined here in a multidimensional twist, in the head area, emphasizing the intensity of dualistic nature in the life of a human. These extremely complex lines, and curves and twists of the lines indicate not only the fulfilled visions of today, but also deep inner torments and pain of the path of spiritual growth.

As a culmination, seemingly the touch of a butterfly, the viewer realizes the balance of harmony in the symphony of the body and mind. It reaches out into deeper feelings and appeals to the higher mind by uniting itself in expression and impression.

This art is a masterpiece of haute couture and contemporary classical culture..”


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