Our NEW light sculpture project is to create 3 dimensional Light sculpture named DODECAHEDRON with more than 150 light elements in diameter 2 meters. It will be something more than ROYAL and more than world was seen before. Approximate time for creation is 2 years. Our previous biggest work is 3D MERKABAH named “DO” also known as Dual Trinity & the largest pyramids “Flower of Live” with 41 Light Bulbs and 147 Precious Stones and “Flower of Chaos” with glass crystals.

For creation we use Copper and Silver wires, precious stones, light elements, dependent things and of course a time.

Project Stages

1. Body Stage – ON PROGRESS

2. Core Stage

3. Light Stage

4. Final Stage

To complete this project we need financial support 1.2M USDT.

Please write to us to make it real: