Lasma & Armands
We are family, Armands and Lāsma and you can call us “Artists”.

Any expression – Any art, science, philosophy is easily understood through the regularities of “HARMONIES”. If you understand their basic postulates, everything else is just a practice.


Once upon a time, a guy named Armand lived in the great city walls. He believed that there was more than meets the eye. Then he began to search. One day, quite by chance, he noticed a girl whose name is Lāsma. She looked quite ordinary. But Armand saw in the girl what was hidden in her heart. Their further life journey continued together. They chose to live close to nature among the voices of birds and next to a babbling river. They began to pay attention to what they ate, everything they put in their mouths. By not consuming alcohol, animal products and chemicals, their bodies gave them a gift in gratitude. They began to see beyond the visible, they accessed the great library of the universe and received answers to every question. Everything they touched became so beautiful. Jewelry, sculptures, paintings and special music. People came to Armand and Lasma for advice and inspiration. So much beauty was created. Well, a large part of this beauty is released into the wide world. You, the reader, can also share it. What will be the continuation of this story, we will see, but the plans for these artists are really big.



Composer, Pianist, Organist, Sculptor, Designer, An Artist of Symmetrical Structures, Visual Artist, Teacher, Waveform Physicist, Psychologist, Brain Activity Researcher, Engineer, Political Consultant, Philosopher, Writer.


Painter, Singer, Sculptor, Poet, Fashion Designer, Nutrition Specialist, Art and Family Counselor, An Empath.