Music For Synchronicity


ACOUSTIC Piano Music by ALPHA-DO L&A │ Composer: Armands, inspirited by Lasma

Recorded & Mastered by Alpha-Do L&A

Composed and Recorded in Alpha-Do Palace



This music album has a very strong effect on the subconscious by harmonizing it. We all know that the subconscious mind is responsible for almost everything in the human body. Both about mental, emotional and physical processes. If the subconscious is harmonious, it is easier for the body to heal itself in case of diseases, in case of psychological problems, it is easier for the body to look at it from different angles and make a more correct decision, choose more suitable words in conversations, interact more effectively with the surrounding environment. Similarly with emotions, they are easier to control, manage and enjoy. The expression may be different for each listener, because this expression is expressed by his subconscious. Someone may have a lot of strength and a desire to run, to work – this means that the body needs such activities, while someone else may want to sleep in peace – then the body needs peace to put itself in order. Manifestations can be various. It is determined by the unique situation of each person in which he is and what everyone needs the most in order to gain peace, harmony in his life, so that life becomes more complete in its expression, more efficient in its actions and easier, cleaner in its essence.


!!! WARNING – very strong psycho and physical effect –
harmonizes the subconscious !!!

In gratitude for this opportunity, if you would share this music with others, briefly explaining its effects, it would be very nice, adding that if it helps to share further, because only from hand to hand, from mind to mind, from person to person, we can help each other.

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