It’s in your Power to create a permanent Value

Music Recording Studio – here is our wonderful and more than simple project.

At least 3 times a week, in the evenings, we play piano compositions which newer repeats. Each of them is a unique LIVE performance.

Until days, the compositions – Sonatas, waltzes, preludes, JAZZ and more, are disappearing in time, like a dandelion fluff into the wind. There are people who help to equip studio with required technique. The studio is already open, but we still need 700’000 USDT for instruments and technical and acoustic improvements.

In this world, we can reach the Strings of the Soul with our unique music and also to help new talented artists to record their compositions. To do this we need financial support in value of one Car. It’s not even donation because the instruments you help to get could be your property.

We want to live in a beautiful world, but first we have to make the world beautiful. We believe, some day we will…


For Project Stage IV will be needed 9.5M USDT – year 2023/2024

Yes, I can not keep all the compositions in my head. They come and go. I have thousands of them. The only way to give these compositions to people is to record them. Each evening while I play, music shines and here is just few friends who can enjoy it. Please help others to here it.”

La’Alphado Family

Please write to us and help to make it real: